EX9000 series
EX9000-MTCP series
EX9188/Modbus series
EX9188E/MTCP series
Micro PLC series
Fiber series
ZigBee series
Simple gateway series
Panel/Box PC & Monitor
Monitor series
Tablet series
Industrial switch hub
POE series
Linux system series
PCI/e I/O card series
Embedded board series
ExpertDAQ system
Power supply series
Software series
Simple gateway series
USB to RS232 series
EX91009 USB to RS232 *1 Converter
EX92009 USB to RS232 *2 Converter
EX94009 USB to RS232 *4 Converter
EX98009 USB to RS232 *8 Converter
Serial to Ethernet series
EX9132 RS-232/422/485 TO Ethernet Converter (simple gateway 89C51)
EX9132-2 RS-232*1, RS422/485*1 TO Ethernet Converter (simple gateway ARM7)
EX9133C-RS232 Serial to Ethernet Converter (RS232*1)
EX9133C-RS485 Serial to Ethernet Converter (RS422/485*1)
EX9133C-2 Serial to Ethernet Converter (RS422/485*1, RS232*1)
EX9132C-DIO Serial to Ethernet Converter with Digital I/O
EX9486-L-COM RS-232/422/485*1 TO Ethernet Converter (simple gateway ARM9)
Serial to Ethernet series
EX9133C-RS232-PoE Serial to Ethernet Converter (RS232*1) w/PoE
EX9133C-RS485-PoE Serial to Ethernet Converter (RS422/485*1) w/PoE
EX9133C-2-PoE Serial to Ethernet Converter (RS422/485*1, RS232*1) w/PoE
Serial to Wi-Fi series
EX9486-W RS-232/422/485*1 TO LAN/WLAN Converter (simple gateway ARM9)
EX9486C-W Serial to Wireless Lan
ModbusTCP to ModbusRTU/ASCII series
EX9133C-2-MTCP Modbus TCP(Lan) to Modbus RTU/ASCII simple gateway. (RS422/485*1, RS232*1)
EX9486C-W-MTCP Modbus TCP(WiFi) to Modbus RTU/ASCII simple gateway. (RS232/422/485*1)
Serial to Bluetooth series
EX9132BI Bluetooth to RS232/422/485 with 3000VDC Isolation
Serial to GSM series
EX9332C-Z Industrial Quad-Band GSM/GPRS (Modem)data converter
EX9332D-Z Industrial Quad-Band GSM/GPRS converter with TCP/IP Stack
EX9632R-H Tri-Band 3G Industrial Cellular Converter
EX9633R-H Dual-Band 3G Industrial Cellular Converter
Serial to Serial (extender) series
EX9312-I RS232 extender converter
Ethernet to Wi-Fi (AP bridge/Router) series
EX92405M2-1 802.11b/g/n High Power AP/Router

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