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Benefit of getting TOPSCCC's authorized distributor


1. Our distributor can get 20%~30% margin.  


2. One or two distributors in every country, and TOPSCCC can not sale or quote to customer of every country directly.


3. RMA / Technical support


4. Internet service:  
    (1) TOPSCCC will offer update information, the delivery date of new products, new products development planning on web site.       
    (2) For helping the distributor to solve general technical problems, TOPSCCC also provide the distributor Q&A check on web site.
    (3) Distributor are able to download programs and manuals from our website.


5. Marketing support:  
    (1) Distributors are able to participate in any local industrial automation fairs. TOPSCCC will offer the distributor marketing materials that include catalogues, posters, new products, etc.
    (2) If distributors advertise TOPSCCC products with XPERT?brand name in a publication, TOPSCCC will offer them 15% of total advertisement expense to share this expense(only three times a year).
    (3) Every year, TOPSCCC will hold the seminar in June. Distributors?staffs are able to participate in this seminar for training or discussion about technical issues.

1. If you are interesting in being our distributor, please contact us:


jack@topsccc.com / Marketing Director
Jane.w@topsccc.com / Marketing


WEBSITE: www.topsccc.com.tw
TEL: 886-2-27999080
FAX: 886-2-26575516


2. Preparing your business planning.
The content of the business planning is following:
    (1) Company profile
    (2) Marketing strategy (activities) (e.g. personalize selling, trade journal advertising, sales calls, web activities, etc.)
    (3) Sales goals
    (4) Competition analysis
    (5) What Supports you need from TOPSCCC
    (6) Your other request

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