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User can easy to install the Remote I/O Controller in the Harsh environment .The Remote I/O Controller was one of engineering level devices. Now we make User easy to install & control by App with Cloud . Application for sensor Thermocouple(J/K/T/E/R/S/B/N...(-270 ~ +1820 degree Celsius)) / Transmitter(+/-4 ~ 20mA; +/-500mV ~ +/-1V) by App with Cloud control thru Wi-Fi & RS485 bus of EX9019-M(Individual Channel)


Member management .
Enable user to register local routers, modules and channels to private cloud database .
Observe and record status for registered channels in each 10 second(default).
Support for K type Thermocouple sensor(default) or Transmitter.
Allow to set logical conditions to monitor and trigger alarm when sensor data shows unusual.

Read/set the status of registered digital relay output..
Read the status of registered sensors from server.
History record for each channels.
Download the App.
Creat a Account .

Certificate(optional) : ISPE’s GAMP4(essential)、FDA’s CFR 21 Part 11、domestic’s cGMP、CE ROHS meet FCC Part 15。
Maximum monitoring devices: 10+ .
Temperature measurement range : -100℃~100℃(change the probe to extend the temperature measurement range as -200~200℃).
Temperature accuracy : ±0.1% .
Probe reaction time: Within 30 seconds Reaction at least 63% of temperature different .
Probe types: External thermocouple(K Type:default)or Transmitter .
Probe length: At least 1.2 meters .
Number of probes: 1~ 8 probes can be connected .
Audible alarm: Sensor with buzzer alarm .
Alarm mute: The alarm mute button (optioal: automatically restart time) .
Wireless transmission: Regularly detects temperature and sends the data back to the Server(Cloud).
Transmission mode: Through wireless (Wi-Fi), to transmit the refrigerator/devices temperature and conditions to the central monitoring system(Cloud).
Transmission range of Wireless : 100 meters (open area) .
Data Capacity: 32,000 T values above .
Wired Downloads: From Cloud by PC(Web Page) .
Display: 1 x 2 inch”4 Digits LED .
Installation options: Stand-alone or wall-mounted (there are keyhole) .
Power cord: At least 2 meters .
Power Input : DC24V, 1.87A or above .

(Temperature/ Thermocouple: default)
Software Language: English
Personnel management: It can set the account password to management.
Eelectronic Approved(optional): To prevent data tampering, data movement need to have the record by FDA CFR21 PART 11.
Sensor settings: It can set the time intervals of temperature record, alert type, high and low temperature threshold.
Data information: Data can be distinquished between normal and abnormal.
Alert types: Temperature anomalies, lack of electricity, the correction maturity & signal interruption.
Software Alert: Central monitoring system will pop up a warning with an alarm
sound on Windows and send Email (required); SMS(optional) to the administrator for notify why.
Email Alert: It can set multiple sets of accounts (> 4) to send and incidental cause of the alarm.
Chart features: Historical data and real-time data displays by Graphical and automatic corresponding to monitoring device.
Create groups: Simultaneously monitoring all devices and device groups..
Historical data query: It can query historical data by graphic and reading by listing..
Report Output: Need to report a variety of formats as PDF from Web Page(optional: Excel,Html will soon).
Print function: Historical data printing or instant printing..
Data Backup: Data Backup by automatic or manual (optional: year / month / week / day).
Data Acquisition: A minimum sampling rate is 10 seconds and a maximum is 59 minutes.
Remote monitoring: Can be wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) by a web page monitoring the devices(optional: wired).
Password protection: Central monitoring system can set different levels of user password (local and remote).
Temperature Calibration: It need internal calibration features to ensure the temperature are correct.
Operating System: Windows 7 or Windows 10 (including the above)



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