EX9000 series
EX9000-MTCP series
EX9188/Modbus series
EX9188E/MTCP series
Micro PLC series
Fiber series
LoRa series
Simple gateway series
Panel/Box PC & Monitor
Monitor series
Tablet series
Industrial switch hub
POE series
Linux system series
PCI/e I/O card series
Embedded board series
ExpertDAQ system
Power supply series
Software series
Embedded board series 
Embedded board series
EX9142N ARM11 Single Board
EX9162A ARM11 Single Board
EX9162AB IO Carry Board for EXPERT EX-9162A
EX9362-40 AMD Geode Low power CPU
CS5536 Integrated Chipset
Supports CRT/TTL LCD
Onboard 4 x USB 2.0 port or 4 x UART
EX9389 PC/104 CPU Module 386SX+4MB+DOC
386SX-40, 4MB, DOC SSD socket, IDE, PC/104
RS-232/422/485 (support +5V & +12V), WDT, I/O
EX9482VN The EX9482VN is a full-function PC/104 CPU Module which integrates the VGA/TFT LCD panel, IDE CF, Ethernet, GPIO and other enhanced I/O interface on a PC104 CPU Modules This modules uses an embedded SGS-THOMSON STPC ATLAS PENTIUM performance 5x86DX2-133MHZ low power CPU and embedded 32MB SDRAM on board.
EX9482-32 EX9482VN with STPC Elite+GPIO
EX9529 Low-power 3.5" mini board 6x86+LCD/VGA+Audio+LAN+DOC+I/O; W/ Geode GX1 6x86-300 MMX 1.5~3W CPU, RS-232/422/485 (+5V/+12V), TFT LCD, CRT, I/O, PC/104, DOC, Realtek 100/10M Ethernet,AC97 Audio, Single +5V, USB, IrDA, don't need fan
EX9529L EX9529 w/o Audio
EX9529T EX9529 with Touch panel interface
EX9544 Low-power No-fan 5.25" SBC; GX1+LCD/VGA+Audio+IDEx2+COMx4+LAN SBC; W/ Geode GX1 6x86-300 MMX 1.5~3.0W CPU, LCD/CRT, PCI, USB, IrDA, Audio, IDEx2, I/O, COMx4 (+5V/+12V), RS-232/422/485, ATX, WDT, Intel 82559 LAN x 1, PC/104, PCI slot, 144-pin SO-DIMM for low profile, Single +5V, hi-current +12V (5V-12V) for LCD inverter
EX9546 Low-power No-fan 5.25" SBC; same spec. as EX9544 but change to Realtek 100/10 LAN, Super-hi-current +12V for LCD Inverter; don't need fan
EX96010 AMD Geode® NX Embedded Board with SiS 741CX / 966
EX9612 3.5" Intel Ultra-low Voltage Celeron or Low Voltage PIII Embeded Single Board Computer with CRT/LCD, 4 serial ports , single Intel 82562ET Fast Ethernet, AC97 3D Audio, Mini space PCI , Compact
EX9671 EX9670 with 2 or 3 LAN
EX9672 EX9670 with COM*4 or RS485*4
EX9682 EX9680 with Lan*2
EX9686 PCI-104 LX800 Module AMD LX-800 500 MHz CPU, TFT LCD/ CRT
EX9762 3.5” Intel Celeron 1.0Ghz Miniboard with CRT,LCD,Audio and LAN
EX9869 Intel ATOM N270 1.6GHz CPU, LVDS/DVI/CRT, LANx2, USBx6, COMx6, AUDIO, DIOx16, CF2
EX9871 ATOM 270 1.6G CPU, LVDS/CRT/TV-out, LANx2, USBx6, COMx4, AUDIO, DIOx8, CF2
EX9890 Intel ATOM N2600 / N2800 CPU 1 x half-size mini-PCIe socket 3.5”
EX9899 3.5” SBC Intel ATOM N2600 / D2550 / N2800
EX9911 (AMD Geode LX800) ECX Form Factor
EX9911E Intel Celeron M 1.0GHz 3.5" Miniboard with CRT/LCD, Audio and LAN
EX9945GSE5.25-A 5.25" Intel® Atom™ Processor, VGA/LVDS/Dual PCIe GbE, CF type II, SATA
EX9990 Intel 4-core Bay Trail
EX93811 Intel Atom™ N270 ETX CPU Module with CRT/LCD, Audio, LAN and SATA
EX93813-A 3.5” Intel N270 Miniboard
EX99457 3.5 Intel Core 2 Duo / Core Duo / Celeron M Miniboard with CRT/LCD, Audio and GB LAN
EX9945G3.5 3.5" Intel® Atom™ Processor, VGA/LVDS/Dual PCIe GbE, CF type II, SATA
EX9945GSE-A Intel® ATOM™ Processor, VGA/Dual LVDS/Dual PCIe GbE, CF type II, SATA

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