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80188 40Mhz CPU w/128K flash, 256K SRAM w/3*RS232+1*RS485 module

Key Specifications/Special Features:


Support RS232*2, RS485*1, RS232/485*1

COM4 can be used to download program and can be RS232 port

Watchdog support for system recovery

CPU 80188, 40MHZ

     ● SRAM 256KB
     ● FLASH ROM 128KB
     ● EEPROM 2KB
     ● RTC
     ● EMBEDDED OS RomDos(Datalight)

3000V Isolation option

Advantech / ICP fully compatible



Series product:


Model EX9188AD EX9188AD-512 EX9188BD EX9188BD-512 EX9188CD EX9188CD-512  
Flash 512K 512K 256K 256K 128K 128K  
SRAM 256K 512K 256K 512K 256K 512K  
RTC support  
COM1 RS232/RS485  
COM2 RS485(3000V isolation)  
COM3 RS232(3 wire)  
COM4 RS232 (3 wire) (Program download)  

COM1: RS232 (5wire) / RS485(2wire)
Program download from COM4

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