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9000-MTCP Utility
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10 isolated DI & 6 open collector DO with ModbusTCP daisy chain module

Main Features:


2-ports(RJ-45) Ethernet 10/100 Based-T Comm.

Daisy chain connection with auto-bypass protection


Support Automatic DIO Sync.(peer-to-peer).

DO Auto-Off Time Mode.

Support 6 Isolated digital output channels (NPN).

Support 10 Isolated digital Input Channels(Dry/Wet)

Fully Photo-Isolation 3750Vrms

Protocol: ASCII Format & Modbus TCP






Daisy Chain Networking and Auto-Bypass Protection

Daisy chain connectivity offers flexible cabling and space saving capabilities. With Ethernet auto-bypass function supported, it prevents accidental power failure if one of the module’s unexpectedly shuts down.














Automatic DIO Synchronization (peer-to peer)
EX9250-MTCP module also provide a Automatic DIO Synchronization function. With peer-to-peer networking, users can define the mapping between a Pair of EX9250-MTCP series modules so that input values will be directly transferred to output channels. A single digital output channel(Local/ Remote device) is activated(1/0 or toggle)dependent on the digital input channels state data pattern. When the specified DI channels state data pattern changed from “Match” to “Not match” the corresponding DO well be set to active(1 or 0).







Communication 2-port(RJ45) Ethernet 10/100 Based-T comm, Daisy chain connection with auto-bypass protection.  
Protocol Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP and ARP  
Led indication Led for power and Ethernet link status  
Isolation Digital Input:  
Input channels 10  
Input type: single ended with common source/ ground
Dry contact :
     ● logic level 0 (active): Close to GND
     ● logic level 1 (inactive) : open
Wet contact :
     ● logic level 0 (active) : +5V to +30VDC max
     ● logic level 1 (inactive): +2VDC max
Logic level status can be inversed via ASCII/Modbus command
Counter Input 300Hz counter input (32-bit+1-bit overflow)  
Optical Isolation Voltage 3750Vrms  
Isolation Digital Output:  
Output channels 6  
Output type: Isolated Open Collector (NPN)
Open Collector to +5~30V / 500 mA max load
Logic level status can be inversed via ASCII/Modbus command
Pulse output Each channel supports 300Hz pulse output  
Optical Isolation Voltage 3750Vrms  
Power requirement:  
Consumption 3.5W (Typical)  
Power input 10~30VDC  
Operating temperature: -10 ~ 70° C (14 ~ 158° F)  
Operating temperature: -25 ~ 85 °C (13 ~ 185 °F)  
Humidity 5~95% RH, non-condensing  


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